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Drama and Singing Instructor

Born and raised in New York, Emanuelle has been immersed in the art of theatre, whether it is singing, acting or dancing, since the age of 6. She knew from then on, that the stage will always be her home. Being raised in an international family, Emanuelle has had the opportunity of learning many different theatre methods and styles from around the world: from French pantomime theatre to Russian musical performances. In high school, she was lucky enough to go through the international baccalaureate program where she was immersed in various theatrical practices. It was in those years that she discovered the art of directing and decided to stage a successful one act play “Akhmatova” for her final year project. During that time, she was also an assistant director for her French drama teacher. 


Emanuelle then came to Brussels to pursue her studies, resulting in a bachelors in Modern languages and literature (English and Russian), a masters in Theatre arts and a teaching certificate in theatre arts. She now teaches Drama and English in different Belgian schools and successfully prepares future drama students for their auditions. But her passion for theatre has always led her to the stage and/or backstage. In coming to Brussels, Emanuelle continued her passion and joined her university theatre troupe – l’Atelier theatre de l’ULB. She performed many Avant-grade plays and directed a French rendition of “The Importance of Being Earnest” (2015). Emanuelle later joined musical theatre companies like BLOC and Green Parrot and was delighted to play the roles of Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz” (2015-2016) and Polly in “Crazy for You – The New Gershwin Musical" (2017) and the dragon in “Shrek” (2019). She also directed “Urinetown – the Musical” in 2018. Emanuelle continues to learn and grow in her craft, attending various workshops in London, Paris, St. Petersburg and New York. Emanuelle is truly excited to join the team at Jet’s academy and ready to open the minds of the new generation of musical theatre students. 


I am Gaëlle. After taking singing and dancing lessons from a young age at the school Twin Step I took more interest in musicals and professionalized myself with the course of the Ecole Broadway, in Brussels. I am trained in musical singing, modern jazz and tap dancing (for which I am also a teacher). I also have musical training (both vocal and instrumental) and a bachelor's degree in musicology.

Dance and Singing Instructor
Lou Wéry
Singing Instructor

Lou Wéry is a Belgian musician and was first introduced to music through dance, having trained during her childhood & teenage years with Martine Godat (contemporary dancer and teacher at the Forest Academy).

Her musical path started with classical piano lessons from a young age, and since 2012 she has been dedicated to study jazz piano. First in the JazzBXL School founded by Bas Cooijmans. During the same year, she also studied at the Conservatory of Liège training with Michel Massot and Fabian Fiorini learning about free improvisation. In 2014, she entered the Koninklijke Conservatorium van Brussel, continuing her training with Nathalie Loriers, DiederikWissels and Kris Defoort. She also kept on studying classical piano with Jean Hilger, professor at the Conservatoire du Luxembourg. 

Since 2015, Lou has also been using the singing-and-playing teaching “Créatif” method created by Jean-Claude Baertsoen, teaching it at the “Blanches et Noires” school in Brussels forchildren (aged 7 to 12 years).

Besides her teacher carrier, Lou is very active on the Belgian and French music scene as keyboard player and singer. She’s part of several bands such as STACE, Whoman, Paradoxant, NAPSiS.

Sofia Marroquin
Dance Instructor

Sofia was born in Colombia, raised in Panama and now based in Belgium. Her art studies started when she studied piano at the age of 9 in Academia de Música de Panamá. A year later, she started training as a synchronized swimmer, successfully joining the National Team of Panama and traveling to represent her country, winning medals and recognitions in the categories of duets and team routines. Because sports are not well supported, Sofia decided to take on the challenge of the dance world and studied classical ballet (Royal Ballet School method), modern dance, jazz, tap and musical theatre at Escuela de Danzas Teresa Mann in Panama. She has taken workshops in dance and musical theatre with the international companies, Danza Activa and Sheer Talent in Panama City, Dance Educators of America in Las Vegas, Broadway Dance Center in New York and Danse Attitude in Lillois, Belgium. Sofia has not only been a dancer for several years but also an actress for theatre, film and tv. She has had the opportunity to perform in professional productions such as: Shrek the musical, Hairspray, Grease, Mi Pequeño Secreto (short film), 3C (short film), In My Solitude (short film); and danced at important events such as the inauguration of the extension of the Panama Canal (2016), Teleton 20-30 (2016, 2017), Verano Canal - The Panama Canal (2018), Dancing for Diabetes (2019), Miss Panama Opening (2019), and Fantastic Christmas (2019).


This young woman loves to share her passion for art to children, teens and adults through her teaching in dance. During the past years, Sofia has been a member of different dance companies such as: E-mage Dance Company (Panama), Numen Art Showcase (Panama), Ballet D'Triana (Panama), The Kickliners (Panama), and Knights and Damsels Dance Company (University of Central Florida, United States). She has also taught different dance styles at Artemisa Academy, D'Triana and choreographed numerous shows and numbers for school shows and dance academies in Panama. You can find her portfolio + her latest work at

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