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Golden Steel Plate


"Do it right,

  do it big, do
  it with style"



Faye has been dancing tap and jazz for about 9 years and started with MTC about 5 years ago. She has also been participating with Bloc productions for the last 4 years. As she’s a very shy child I considered sending her to these lessons to improve her self confidence and her ability to make friends. Her self belief in her own capabilities have improved hugely in this safe environment, increased by taking exams and receiving very good results which give validity to her abilities when she didn’t always believe her parents point of view.


Our daughter (11 years old) has been attending Jeanette's jazz and tap classes since the age of 4, and musical theatre since the age of 8. She absolutely loves these activities and could now not imagine her life without them! In addition to the obvious physical and artistic benefits, skills such as commitment, self-discipline and team spirit are developed as the pupils learn and prepare together for shows and exams. It has also been the starting point for many good friendships.


I first started learning jazz dance at Jet's Academy at six years old and I loved it so much that I carried on until I was leaving for university at 18. The classes were fun but well-structured as we followed an interesting and challenging syllabus, which meant we were constantly improving and advancing. I particularly looked forward to the shows each year as we learnt fun and exciting new routines to showcase our abilities to our family and friends. We also loved trying on the costumes! My time there was a huge part of my childhood and I will always look back on it fondly. I grew in confidence, learnt how to dance, and made some lifelong friends.

Jet's Academy

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